Svetislav Martinovic

Svetislav Martinovic (b. 1956), graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1981. Studying and working as an Architect for over thirty years in Serbia, Montenegro, Austria, Italy and Russia, he never lost interest for art and painting. Without a formal education in art and painting, he educated himself by drawing, painting and observing works of other artists. During the period he spent in Paris (1983 – 1986) he made his living drawing portraits and selling his work in various galleries. During this time, he continued drawing and painting on the side while he continued his career in architecture.


He believes that his artwork is closely related to his academic architecture studies and work. Fascinated with the energy of the urban environment, he tries to express his architectural passion on paper.


“I tend to use watercolour the way artists use oils, thickly with many layers. I do not want my works to look like watercolour paintings in the traditional way, delicate and romantic. Contrary to old fashioned expectations, I see the watercolour as a powerful medium capable of expressing a bold subject and a strong statement”


Today, his works are sold in galleries in Italy, Paris, Belgrade and at Christine X Art Gallery, Malta
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